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Global Mofy Metaverse Limited is a technology solutions provider engaged in virtual content production, digital marketing, and digital assets development for the metaverse industry. Utilizing our proprietary “Mofy Lab” technology platform which consists of cutting-edge three-dimensional (“3D”) rebuilt technology and artificial intelligence (“AI”) interactive technology, we are able to create 3D high definition virtual version of a wide range of physical world objects such as characters, objects and scenes which can be used in different applications. According to the industry datasheet generated by Frost & Sullivan, we believe we are one of the leading digital asset banks in China, which consists of more than 7,000 high precision 3D digital assets. High precision means 4K (4096*2160) resolution of movie precision. With our strong technology platform and industry track record, we are able to attract high-profile customers such as L’Oreal and Pepsi and earn repeat business. We primarily operate in three lines of business (i) virtual technology service, (ii) digital marketing, and (iii) digital asset development and others. More>>

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